Social Links

  • Michigan Gun Owners Forum – Michigan Gun Owners is the largest and best forum dedicated to connecting gun owners across Michigan.
  • Indiana Gun Owners Forum – Indiana Gun Owners (AKA: INGO) is the biggest forum for Indiana gun owners to gather, discuss related (and unrelated) topics.  They have a large classifieds section and the general atmosphere is very friendly.
  • 13C Gun Reviews Website – 13C is a sort of aggregator for all things liberty.  They have articles on everything from gun reviews to current events and politics to classes.
  • Total Protection Interactive Forum – This is a forum owned and operated by Craig Douglas from Shivworks.  The forum atmosphere is a bit standoffish to new people, but it is well worth becoming part of the community.  There is an absolutely vast amount of information in the archives.  If there was ever a place to read a lot and post a little, this is it.
  • Pistol-Forum – This forum will allow you access to many of the best shooters in the world.  If your goal is to become a faster and more accurate shooter, this is a great place to hang around.  There is a large competition contingent, but defense pistol use is also covered.

Store Links

  • AimSurplus – AimSurplus has always shipped fast and had extremely low prices on items that are in stock.  Watch their new inventory and you’ll likely find some smoking deals.
  • Palmetto State Armory – PSA has a reliable and easy to use store.  Most people think of them for purchasing rifles, but they also sell ammo, optics, and accessories.  Their shipping has always been fast and the products are as described in our experience.

Recommended Gear Links

  • Dale Fricke Kydex – Dale has made the staff at Paladin Combatives numerous holsters and mag pouches over the years.  The craftsmanship is top notch, the functionality is right on, and the service is outstanding.  If you need something made in kydex give Dale a shot.
  • Raven Concealment – RCS needs no introduction.  They are one of the biggest and best quality kydex manufacturers out there.  Their quality is fanstastic although their lead times can present a problem on some items.