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We have all seen the pictures or videos of men and women using a vehicle as cover to shoot their carbines from. At the majority of schools these antics are a large part of their vehicle gunfighting coursework.  Although the practice of shooting at targets with a vehicle seems fun (and it is!), when are most of us ever going to need those skills?

At Paladin Combatives we will show you how to interact with your vehicle in a whole new way.  We will spend some time on shooting around a vehicle and using it for cover and concealment.  Most of our time, however, will be spent dealing with real life dangers while in close proximity to your vehicle.  We will wade through the problems of escaping a vehicle quickly, engaging outside threats while inside the passenger compartment, shooting with passengers in the car, fighting if attacked while entering, and more.  We’ll deal with gas station issues, parking lot dangers, and panhandlers.

Whether we choose it or not, our vehicles make us targets.  In the military they call it an ambush when you know exactly when and where your enemy is going to be.  Our cars create a fixed location we must move towards allowing for our enemies to create an ambush.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Get the training you need to be efficient and safe while interacting with vehicles.

Topics Covered

  • How to remove your seat belt and escape the vehicle while under pressure
  • How to work the angles effectively
  • Shooting from different positions in the car
  • Using the vehicle as cover, concealment, or as a physical obstacle
  • Learning and adapting to common vehicle based attacks
  • How to apply a grappling skillset around vehicles


What to Bring.

– Your daily carry handgun

– At least two spare magazines.

– Safe, quality holster

– Personal protection equip. i.e. safety glasses, hearing protection, groin protector and mouth guard (optional)

– Clothing appropriate to the weather

– Note taking material

– Hydration, snacks, comfort items


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