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This class picks up where level 1 left off.  We will challenge you and improve your ability to become a better riflemen through the use of harder standards and faster drill times.  We will also delve heavily into movement with the rifle to see what actually helps get effective hits and what just looks cool. Distance shooting will be revisited with some new twists. Get ready to breathe, move, and grow!

Topics Covered

  • Review of Fundamentals
  • New drills, tougher standards
  • Exploration of movement
  • Ambidextrous use of the rifle
  • Introduction to team tactics
  • Alternative shooting positions


Students are encouraged to bring a modern, magazine fed, semi-auto rifle. This class is not platform dependent so feel free to bring your AK, AR, Bullpup, Battle rifle, or whatever you prefer. Please have a sling and at least three magazines with a method to carry them. You will need a minimum of 300rds. Sidearms are encouraged, but not required. If you choose, please bring a quality pistol with a safe holster, 2 spare magazines, and 50 rounds of pistol ammo.

This is a level 2 class and students should have completed our level 1 class or similar introductory rifle class.  Refer to the course description for Fighting Rifle Fundamentals – Level 1 if you aren’t sure about your readiness for this coursework.  If you have any questions or concerns contact us below.


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