I’ve been on this soapbox before, but that won’t stop me. This kind of training should be on EVERYONE’s short list. Gun person? You still need this. Not a gun person? You need it, too. Your kids and SOs? Yep, them. This is the kind of thing that most of us will actually use, maybe many times. This is the kind of training that decreases the odds that you’ll be a victim, the kind that shows you how to recognize and avoid bad situations in which you might otherwise either be a victim or have to deal with the consequences of having had to use your gun to defend yourself.

Josh and Mike did a great job of putting together a block of material that works. Josh’s analytical, no-BS, test it and see if it works personality is perfect for this. No dogma, no avoidance of off-limits topics. I like that. I also admired the lack of ego, or the ability to check it at the door. This was the first time I met josh, so I’m not really sure which it was, but he was not hiding behind the ego shield in class like some do.

This training was worth much more than the very reasonable fee these guys are charging. Don’t let the fact that they’re not charging “I’m a famous YouTube personality” prices dissuade you — this is excellent stuff.

Thank you to Josh and Mike, to our hosts for opening their home to us, to Evan for his always excellent AARs, and to all of the other students who bring a variety of backgrounds, ideas, and value to training. It was a pleasure to spend the day with all of you and learn together.

Get this kind of training. Really. If it’s not THIS class, take one like it. Yes, even you, the ones saying you don’t need it because you carry a gun.