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Many people who carry a gun for personal defense have a working knowledge of their firearm and safety. In this class we want to take you from that level to one of confidence and competence. We will of course talk about safety, but much of that will be beyond just the four rules. We take real life scenarios and break them down to see what skills we are most likely to need in a civilian, non Law Enforcement gunfight. After we look at what skills are needed, and why, we will look at ways to improve efficiency on these skills and drills that you can practice to improve them. You will leave this class feeling much better about your ability to defend yourself or your loved ones in a deadly force encounter.

Topics Covered

  • Real Life Firearms Safety
  • Different Types of Reloading and Why
  • Drawstroke and Retention Continuum
  • Balance of Speed and Accuracy
  • When to Use Movement
  • When to Use Cover
  • Best Ways to Clear Cover Garments
  • Downrange Friendlies (What’s That?)
  • Much, Much More


Students for this class should have a solid grasp of weapon manipulation and firearms safety. All safe firearms and holsters will be accepted. (Contact us for specific questions) We want you to use the equipment you are going to be carrying everyday. We prefer that to be a quality magazine fed pistol of 9mm or larger, but will work with what you have provided it does not become a liability. Plan on a minimum of 300rds of pistol ammunition.


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