Our students are a diverse group. We are not a military or Law Enforcement training company. Those fine people are definitely welcome to be students of Paladin Combatives but our target audience are what some people refer to as “regular guys”. As such you may find yourself in class with men and women from various professions and all walks of life. These students will run the gamut in age and physical ability. They will share at least one thing though, a common goal. A desire to learn to better defend themselves and their loved ones.

Physical fitness is important to us at Paladin Combatives. We realize however that life happens. Injuries, illness, age, and other factors can take their toll on any of us. This makes it even more important for those who may not be in superior physical condition to get training. We will work with our students no matter their condition while encouraging them to strive to be in the best shape they can. This will benefit them in their defense as well as health and general well being.

We like our gear but realize it is only one aspect in our pursuit of becoming self reliant and confident in all situations. While we will not allow our students to use unsafe gear, we also will not berate them for not having expensive, top of the line gear. Because of this you will see a wide variety of weapons and ancillary equipment among our students. They soon realize that their training and mindset is more important than what they happen to have with them at the time they need it.

Surely you fit in here somewhere.